Club Competitions

Every year Freestyle Vancouver sends a number of our athletes to Freestyle competitions around the province. These competitions are organized by BC Freestyle and are known as the Timber Tour. In conjunction with most Timber Tour events is a secondary Super Youth event.

The Timber Tour events are for athletes 13 – 18 years old and the Super Youth events are for those 12 and under. This year there are 4 Timber Tour and 3 Super Youth events put on by BC Freestyle. All events have both a Mogul and Slopestyle competition, and some include either a half pipe, big air, or dual mogul event as well. These events are lots of fun and are open to all of our Athletes.

Regional Club Competition

Freestyle Vancouver also hosts our own Regional Mogul competition every year at Cypress Mountain.

We invite the athletes from the Whistler Freestyle Club and Mount Washington Freestyle Club to participate as well. This event is a great introduction to the Timber Tour and Super Youth events.